Learning Organic Chemistry Made Simple

Master Organic Chemistry faster and more efficiently with our all-in-one platform designed to teach you a more practical approach.


What You Get

First Semester Content

  • In-Depth Chapter Summaries

  • Practice Problems

  • NMR Center

  • Naming Guide

Chapter summaries that break down the complex topics of Organic Chemistry into simple, practical concepts that can finally be digested. 

Second Semester Content

  • In-Depth Chapter Summaries

  • Flashcards

  • Practice Problems

  • Naming Guide

Chapter summaries by functional group with a focus on Reaction Boxes, that describe the step-by-step mechanisms for major Organic Chemistry reactions. 



Why use Orgo Made Simple?

Our all-in-one platform gives you the tools you need to get the grades you deserve in Organic Chemistry. 

Challenging topics, explained simply

Organic Chemistry is tough. But we use approachable language to explain the most complex topics, increasing your understanding in less time. 

Tricks your textbook can't tell you

Since we're not constrained by "academia," we teach you practical tricks to solve the most challenging problems that you'll never find in a textbook. 

Approachable figures

Students love our figures. Our approachable yet comprehensive figures help students quickly grasp even the toughest subjects.

Practice makes perfect

Over 250 practice problems with in-depth, thorough solutions to make sure you understand the question. Practice problems are the key to success in Organic Chemistry.

We get students the grades they deserve


American University

If you are pressed for time or have a busy schedule, using Orgo Made Simple will be one of the best ways to getting down the organic chemistry concepts that you need for college level organic chemistry and MCAT preparation.

Anxiety had left me a pretty good chance of needing to retake Organic Chemistry, but after studying with Orgo Made Simple, I ended up with above a 91% on the final! Orgo Made Simple gave me the tools and confidence I needed to succeed.


Simmons University


Boston College

One of the keys to learning is seeing the material in a perspective that is easy to digest. Orgo Made Simple offered this for me. I would do countless practice problems provided from my textbook and from my instructor. In the end, I would always return to the site for some great foundation work that would allow for success in the more advance problems. The website is extremely helpful and is written in a way that everyone can learn something from it.

Orgo Made Simple breaks down the major concepts of Organic Chemistry so that I was able to walk out of every O-Chem lecture with confidence rather than confusion. Even more Orgo Made Simple is easy to navigate since the order of the chapters tends to correlate with the order of the material being taught in class. Organic Chemistry is complicated enough, but Orgo Made Simple truly does make it possible to master the material. 


University of Southern California


How do I know my classes' topics are covered here?

There's a pretty standardized curriculum for Organic Chemistry, in large part because many students taking the course will need to know certain topics for the MCAT.

So for the most part, Organic Chemistry classes all cover the same topics-- the same ones covered in Orgo Made Simple.

What does this give me that my textbook doesn't?

Orgo Made Simple teaches you a practical approach to the most difficult concepts in Organic Chemistry. We break down the overly-complicated topics in your chemistry textbook in a way you can understand. 

Will this replace my textbook?

No. Let's be real-- your textbook is your central source for content during Organic Chemistry. It's what your Professor will be using to create test questions.

But Orgo Made Simple covers those exact same topics in a more approachable way. By reviewing the topics in your textbook, you'll learn how to approach questions for test day. 

Does this cover every single topic in Organic Chemistry?

The vast majority of Organic Chemistry topics are covered on OrgoMadeSimple.com, particularly the core, "high-yield" topics that are sure to come up on your exam.

That being said, it is possible that there will be topics or reactions that are mentioned in your lectures or textbook that aren't covered on the website. However, these are generally few and far between. 

Why should I trust the content?

Thousands of students have used Orgo Made Simple for their Organic Chemistry preparation, and their feedback has only made the platform stronger.

Orgo Made Simple is trusted both in the United States and worldwide (used in 100+ countries) for comprehensive Organic Chemistry preparation.

What if I don't like it?

Easy-- we'll give you a pro-rated refund. If you don't like the platform, we don't deserve your payment.