What is Orgo Made Simple?

Orgo Made Simple is an all-digital company that produces online tools to help students succeed in organic chemistry.

How is Orgo Made Simple different?

Scroll down for a minute, and look at our team. We’re not 60+-year-old professors who have been doing chemistry for longer than you’ve been alive. We’re recent college graduates and recent students of organic chemistry, which means we get you! We understand the struggles of organic chemistry, and we know how to present the material so students can actually understand.

We intentionally use easy-to-understand language and a plethora of figures in our materials to simplify organic chemistry. Simply put, our materials make organic chemistry more approachable.

But don’t just take our word for it. We offer free chapters and practice problems just so students can evaluate Orgo Made Simple before buying!

But enough about us…

You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work in organic chemistry. Our tools ensure your hours of studying are not wasted by helping you efficiently prepare for one of the hardest classes colleges offer.

Meet the Team


Amir Hoveyda, PhD

Who’s Amir?

Amir H. Hoveyda is the Patricia and Joseph T. ’49 Vanderslice Millennium Professor of Chemistry at Boston College. Hoveyda received his B. A. degree at Columbia, and was a graduate student at Yale with Stuart L. Schreiber. He was an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellow with David Evans at Harvard. In June 1990, Hoveyda joined the faculty at Boston College, where he was promoted to rank of Professor in 1994; in 1998, he was appointed to his present position. Hoveyda’s honors include an NSF National Young Investigator Award (1992), an Eli Lilly Young Investigator Award (1992), Pfizer Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry (1993), Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship (1994), Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award (1994), ACS Cope Scholar Award (1998), NIH MERIT Award (2005), the 2010 Yamada-Koga Prize, the 2014 ACS Award for Creative Work in Organic Synthesis (2014), and an Eni Prize (2014). Hoveyda’s scholarly interests are in the development of new approaches, and discovery of catalysts and methods for chemical synthesis largely through investigation of reaction mechanisms. His group applies the strategies and protocols developed in-house to efficient preparation of complex natural products. Hoveyda has published more than 200 research articles. He is the principal co-founder of XiMo, AG.


Max Ruge

Who’s Max?

Max Ruge knows his organic chemistry, but more importantly, he knows how to help others understand it.  After racking up hundreds of hours of tutoring experience through private tutoring lessons, he knows what students struggle with, and he understands how to help.  This experience is found in each page of Orgo Made Simple, as students are given analogies, thorough examples, and straightforward descriptions to help them learn Organic Chemistry.

Max has done research in biology, chemistry, and psychology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, and Boston College, respectively.

In his spare time, he enjoys writing about himself in the third person and playing a wide variety of sports.


Wasi Saleem, MD, MBA

Who’s Wasi?

Dr. Wasi Saleem, a Texas A&M University alumni, has a passion for learning and teaching others the power of personal development and acquiring medical knowledge to enhance the quality of their lives. A medical doctor with a South Asian heritage and Texas roots, Dr. Saleem brings a unique flair of wisdom and experience to his craft. Aside from his medical expertise, Dr. Saleem is also a life coach who helps individuals get from where they are to where they would like to be. He can be reached here: http://DrWasiSaleem.com.

Content Development Manager, Graphic Designer

Chris Karousatos

Who’s Chris?

Although some people find it absurd, Chris Karousatos really enjoys chemistry. A senior at Boston College majoring in the subject, he has all but taken to counting carbons instead of sheep at night. While Chris has struggled and seen others struggle with Organic Chemistry, years of practice has allowed him to master the material. More importantly, his experience has shown him the most common areas of confusion and has allowed him to effectively help those who hyperventilate at the thought of benzene rings. He believes people understand the concepts best when using real world examples, employing analogies, and simplifying fancy textbook jargon in explanations.

When he’s not doing chemistry, Chris enjoys playing sports, listening to music, and consuming alarmingly-large quantities of peanut butter.

Content Developer

Elaine Hynds

Who’s Elaine?

Elaine comes from a long line of pharmacists, so it seems fitting that
she would flock to organic chemistry. As a recent graduate of Boston
College, she has experienced the dizzying frustration of understanding
concepts like Sn1 and Sn2 reactions, as well as the satisfying sense
of accomplishment after correctly answering those seemingly impossible
NMR problems. Elaine hopes that students will accomplish their goals
and achieve their own “aha” moments in organic chemistry,
through ample practice problems and examples that are clear and

One of Elaine’s fondest memories is when she mixed water, school glue,
and laundry soap in her play kitchen as a little girl, only to repeat
the same experiment again in her organic chemistry lab course.

Content Developer

Keats Ewing

Who’s Keats?

Keats Ewing has been studying Organic Chemistry since high school where Keats was introduced to concepts that he would soon fall in love with. During his four years in the tutoring center in high school, Keats learned that there are many different ways of learning and quite often integrating these different ways into tutoring could best help his students learn.

Keats is currently a junior at Boston College and is a product of its Honors Chemistry Program, where he solidified his Organic Chemistry knowledge. Keats currently does research in Organometallic Chemistry at Boston College and has been working there since 2014.

Keats likes long walks on the beach and taking bubble baths while singing along to Toto. His claim to fame is slow dancing with a girl at the 6th grade dance.

Content Developer, Writer

Miko Malabute

Who’s Miko?

Miko understands what it’s like to go through organic chemistry. In fact, one of his favorite phrases he used to console his fellow classmates after any given organic chemistry exam was always, “Yeah, but what was the average exam score?” That’s why he is really excited to join the Orgo Made Simple team: to be able to help students about to undertake or currently in the challenging course. Organic chemistry is a highly rewarding — albeit challenging — class that helps one become initiated into a life of science.

Miko is a recent graduate from the University of Notre Dame, majoring in Biochemistry. He was an undergraduate research assistant of Dr. Seth Brown’s inorganic chemistry research group during his time at the University, last studying specific ligand synthesis and characteristics. He is also, unfortunately, a Los Angeles Lakers fan and thus has an appreciation for all things challenging but worthwhile.

Content Developer

Alex Lucas

Who’s Alex?

At the age of eleven, Alex’s hopes and dreams were crushed when she did not receive her acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Alex then decided to devote her time to becoming her first choice in muggle professions, a doctor. Alex was very excited to help with a website she wished she had when struggling through organic chemistry. She hopes all of the students who use this site come away with the confidence to do their best, and maybe even have fun, in a difficult yet manageable course.

Alex’s fondest memories of organic chemistry include accidentally spilling carcinogenic chemicals all over her lab notebook and actually scoring above average on some of the exams.