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What Motivates the Top-Scoring Students in Organic Chemistry?

Is it getting the best grade? Nope. Is it feeling like organic chemistry is relevant to your career? Try again. Is it feeling like you worked hard and prepared well? Surprisingly, no again. The students who perform the best on organic chemistry are most motivated by a high confidence that they can and will succeed […]

Does Gen Chem Grade Predict Organic Chemistry Grade?

At this point, you’ve likely heard it a hundred times—organic chemistry isn’t like any other course you have taken/will take in college. And this includes general chemistry, right?   Well, it’s complicated. So let’s take a look at some data. Since organic chemistry is such an infamous course, a surprisingly large amount of research has […]

The 3-Step Method to Successful Organic Chemistry Studying

Studying for organic chemistry isn’t like studying for any other classes you’ve taken so far in college. It’s all about concept application, rather than the fact regurgitation of biology and physiology classes. To efficiently study for organic chemistry, we recommend a 3-step method: learn, retain, and apply.     1. Learn (~30%) Read the textbook […]

The Secret to Maximizing Office Hours

  If you’ve ever been struggling with a college course (such as organic chemistry), someone has likely recommended “going to office hours” as a stock piece of advice.   But going to office hours by itself will not help you succeed in a college class. Not even if the Professor drops some gems about what […]

The 5 Ways to Make the Most of Orgo Lecture

So you’re enrolled in Organic Chemistry. You’ve heard the horror stories and sat down on the first day in shock and awe as some older, mumbling professor talked about chemicals with long names and their properties. It’s going to be a long year.   Organic Chemistry lecture can certainly be overwhelming—from the material itself to […]

Simple Organic Chemistry Tricks & Study Aids

Let’s face it, we’re always looking for organic chemistry tricks and study aids to get a grasp on what is considered one of the hardest — if not the hardest — but ultimately rewarding courses in college. This post will aim to accomplish just that: we’re going to discuss different ways to help master learning concepts ranging […]

Chemistry of Thrones

Winter is coming, but — unfortunately for us “Game of Thrones” nerds — we are in the dead of summer and will have to wait for winter again for another year. To deal with the “Game of Thrones” withdrawal, I found myself going through some of the greatest (read: saddest, or most intense) moments in […]

Get to know cortisone

You’re at the gym, right? You’re really working your tail off, pushing yourself to the limit and really testing your body’s pain threshold — when all of a sudden, your muscles and joints are on fire. You realize that they are so swollen, and the inflammation is really holding you back from truly experiencing a […]

Get to know chlorothiazide

Chlorothiazide — also known as 6-chloro-1,1-dioxo-2H-1,2,4-benzothiadiazine-7-sulfonamide, or more commonly known as the commercial drug “Diuril” — is an organic compound that is used as a diuretic and an antihypertensive. The compound is a white, crystalline powder in physical appearance, and its functional groups and structure highlights its slight solubility in water and high solubility in […]