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Breaking down the chemistry in ‘Breaking Bad’

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock for the past decade or so, then you have been well-acquainted with the classic modern tale of AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” the story of Walter White — cancer-stricken husband, father and high school chemistry teacher — who is willing to go to any (and every) length imaginable to provide for […]

Using Chemistry as the Cure to the Vaccine Debate

“How childhood immunization — once a given — crossed the divide from breakthrough science to public policy debate in the space of 50 years is a complicated picture,” Laura Parker of the National Geographic wrote about vaccines and the still-closely-contested controversy over their use (or lack thereof) in our society. The anti-vaccine movement is “rooted […]

Get to know myristic acid

Raise your hand (but keep the other one ready to scroll down the page and continue reading) if you’ve ever needed to use coconut oil for your skin because regular moisturizers just weren’t cutting it for your daily beauty regimen. Have you ever wondered what is in that coconut oil — as well as palm oil, […]

Memorizing ‘Don’t Memorize’: The Orgo Oxymoron

In a Reddit thread posted almost a year ago, user “james_ash” asked other users to help define what people mean when they suggest to new orgo students, “don’t memorize, learn the concepts.” Another user named “grimmra2” replied within the thread, “Organic chemistry is like a language. Your instructor wants you to learn it by trying […]

Get to Know Dimethylethanolamine

2-(dimethylamino)ethanol, otherwise referred to as dimethylethanolamine (DMEA), is a compound that has a tertiary amine and terminal alcohol group. This gives it a water solubility characteristic, and the alcohol group at the end of the molecule in particular allows for ester derivatives.             Also known as deanol, the compound is […]

7 Easy Ways to Get an A+ in Organic Chemistry

  You’re taking organic chemistry or about to begin your course and you’re extremely overwhelmed. There’s a ton of information that needs to not only be understood, but memorized. How are you going to get through it all? Are you going to finish the material in time to excel on your exams? Are you going […]

5 Secrets to Prepping for Organic Chemistry (Quiz Inside)

Summer is upon us, and for any pre-organic or current organic chemistry student, with this time of supposed rest and relaxation also comes a bit of anxiety and worry. But there’s no need to stress! Here are five tips to help anyone feel confident and be prepared for one of the most rewarding courses in […]