The Organic Chemistry Preparation Course

Updated December 21, 2022
There are 2 kinds of people in the world:
  • Those who prepare
  • Those who don’t 
For better or worse, if you’re about to take Organic Chemistry, you’re probably in category #1. But how on earth do you prepare for one of the most difficult classes in college?

The Orgo Made Simple, Organic Chemistry Prep Course is the most efficient and most effective method for preparing for your O-Chem class.

The class has two goals:
  1. We ensure you have mastered the foundational concepts that are needed throughout all of organic chemistry.
  2. We give you an early introduction to the topics that cause the largest number of students to drop out, giving you a leg up when the going gets tough.
And best of all, each topic is taught using Orgo Made Simple’s easy-to-understand language, ensuring all concepts are truly mastered.

I genuinely wish the Orgo Made Simple Prep Course existed before I took organic chemistry. It would have saved me hours of studying information worthless to organic chemistry over the summer, while teaching me the material I really needed to know.

Free, Mini Organic Chemistry Prep Course

Get started with your Organic Chemistry Prep today with our 3-video, Mini Prep Course.